Kcast Gold Live!™ BlackBerry® app for live gold prices and more
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Kcast Gold Live!™ BlackBerry app – Live prices, market info, news and more

Kcast Gold Live!™ for BlackBerry® gives you instant access to live spot prices for gold, silver and other metals; market indices; and oil quotes from Kitco.com, the world's most trusted source of precious metals information. Kcast Gold Live!™ is the first application to deliver live spot prices and a market price indicator right on your BlackBerry® application icon (OS 4-9 versions only).

  • Video news page for live-action interviews and analyses
  • Conversion options for 14 currencies
  • Unit of measure conversion options
  • Technical charts
  • All-new markets page
  • Current news, commentaries and press releases
  • Exchange rate comparisons for 13 currencies
  • Mining stock quotes
  • Live gold prices
  • Quotes for precious metals, base metals, indices, oil and mining stocks
  • Information at a glance on the application icon (OS 4-9 versions only)
  • View customized spot prices and price changes without even opening the app! (OS 4-9 versions only)
  • Customizable home page
  • London Fix values back to 1968
  • Full-screen rotatable technical and historical charts
  • Value and percentage changes for gold, silver, other precious metals, base metals, oil and indices
  • Local, NY Time and GMT time zone options
  • Available in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Kcast screenshots (taken from BlackBerry® Storm™)

Download options

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Download OS 4-9 versions from Blackberry World

Application FAQs

How to get the most out of Kcast Gold Live!™ for BlackBerry®

Application icon (OS 4-9)

How to configure the price indicator
How to move the icon to the Home screen

Configuring the price indicator
BlackBerry icons

You can select different styles for the Kcast icon in your BlackBerry® ribbon.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Options, or select Options from the BlackBerry® default menu. 
  2. In the icon style selection section, select an icon style.
  3. In the next section, select up to three items from among Precious Metals, Base Metals, Oil and Indices to have them displayed sequentially on your Kcast icon.
  4. Click Save and Close.
  5. This change will take a few seconds to apply on the Kcast icon.

kcast iconPlease note that no prices will appear on the Kcast icon when selected.

gold indicator icon
Move the Kcast application
icon to your mobile screen:
  1. Select the BlackBerry default Main Menu small blackberry icon
    (These steps apply to certain BlackBerry® devices)
    • Click Downloads folder icon
    • Place your cursor over the Kcast Application icon and click Main Menu small blackberry icon
    • Select Move To Folder
    • Select Home
    • Click Back back icon
  2. Find the Kcast Application icon on your homepage and click Main Menu small blackberry icon
  3. Select Move and drag the icon to top of the page (first row)
  4. Click the Kcast Application icon to open the application
  5. Select Options
  6. Scroll down to choose the icon style you would like to display on your BlackBerry® homepage
  7. Select up to three items to display on the application icon
  8. Click Save and Close

Release information

Version: (OS 4-9)
Release: 29.03.2012
File size: 1.7 MB
Support: mobilesupport@kitco.com

Version: 2.3 (OS 10)
Release: 16.07.2013
File size: 14 MB
Support: mobilesupport@kitco.com

Network compatibility

Compatible with the following networks: 3G, WiFi, EV-DO, EDGE and GPRS.