Kcast Gold Live!™ Desktop FAQs

How can I get Kcast Desktop?

Go to the Kcast Desktop support center page and click on the Download button for Kcast Desktop.

What does Kcast Desktop application display, when the market is closed?

Kcast Desktop notifies you if the market is closed and when it reopens. You will also be notified if there are communication problems. In both cases, the application displays the last updated values.

What operating systems does Kcast Desktop compatible with?

Kcast Desktop is supported on Windows 98 and later, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Is any personal information transmitted?

Kcast Desktop does not use or transmit any personal information.

How can I add items to the Desktop on my desktop?

On each tab, check the checkbox(s) for the items that you would like to see on your desktop Kcast Desktop.