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iPad Application FAQs

How can I get Kcast Gold Live!™?
If you are on your iPad, go to App Store, search for “Kcast Gold Live!” and download the application for free. If you are on a desktop, download Kcast Gold Live!  ™ for free from HERE.

Does Kcast Gold Live! + ™ work with GPRS, EDGE, 3G and WiFi?
Yes, Kcast Gold Live!™ works well with GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi. It loads faster with Wi-Fi and 3G.

What does the application display when the market is closed?
Kcast Gold Live!  ™ notifies you if the market is closed and when it reopens. You will also be notified if there are communication problems. In both cases, the application displays the last updated values.

Is any personal information transmitted?
Kcast Gold Live!  ™ does not use or transmit any personal information.

What is the data usage of the Kcast Gold Live! + ™ application in the manual and automatic modes?
Data usage can differ depending on the update mode and data refresh rate you set up. The following is a summary of data usage for typical usage patterns.


Free version monthly data usage

Home (AVG of Manual & Auto) London Fix Mining Stocks Currencies Technical Charts News Commentaries Press Releases Ad Banner Total Per Month

Low volume data usage

9.8MB 0.01MB 0.15MB 10.2KB 2.2MB 0.15MB 0.02MB 0.2MB 1.3MB 23.8MB

Average volume data usage

72MB 0.075MB 1.875MB 30.1MB 10MB 1.13MB 0.13MB 1.46MB 9.5MB 126MB

High volume data usage

262.5MB 0.275MB 11.47MB 127.92MB 39MB 3.76MB 0.5MB 4.89MB 12.7MB 332MB