Gold Live!™ Desktop

Live market data delivered straight to your desktop

Stay in touch with the markets without interrupting your workflow. Download the free desktop app to view live spot prices for gold, silver and other metals as well as market indices, oil quotes and charts right on your computer. Data from, the world’s number one source of precious metals information.

Available for Mac and Windows.



  • Information at a glance on a strikingly designed customizable sidebar
  • Live gold prices
  • Quotes for precious metals, base metals, oil and indices
  • Gold prices and other spot prices updated frequently (one to ten minutes)
  • Live and historical charts from as far back as 10 years
  • Exchange rate comparisons for 13 currencies
  • Mining stock quotes
  • Automatic or manual update options
  • Local, NY Time and GMT time zone options
  • Available in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Download Gold Live!™ Desktop for Windows

Size: 32.3 MB
Version: 1.2.5
Compatible with:
Windows 98 / NT / XP / Vista / Windows 7

Download Gold Live!™ Desktop for Mac

Size: 32.3 MB
Version: 1.2.5
Compatible with:
Mac OS X v10.4.9

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